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Make Money Selling Stock Photos

easy tips on selling micro stock photography

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Tip #1: Anyone Can Upload Photos to An Online Agency

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome! This is the beginning of "Make Money Selling Stock Photos". Each post will present a new tip to help you sell photographs through online micro stock agencies. You don't need to be a professional photographer, you don't even need a ton of expensive equipment. All you need is a little photo know-how, some creativity and a lot of stick-to-itness. So let's get started.

Tip #1:Anyone can upload photos to an online agency.
That's right - anyone! The digital revolution has made it easier than ever to take sharp, interesting photos with minimum equipment. Plus there are ca-billions of websites in need of inexpensive images to dress-up websites and blogs. AND there are quite a few stock agencies willing to take on newcomers who take the time and energy to learn the submission process.

If you have hundreds of vacation photos stored on your computer or you happen to make a living as a wedding photographer with a secret passion for travel photos, start looking through your personal collection of photography. Most likely you already have ten or twenty great images to get started with.

Like the photo at the beginning of this entry? It's just happens to be a composite of two quick photos quickly grabbed while on a walk. Using Photoshop to combine the images and a little graphic magic, presto - we have an interesting fantasy photo. See the original image titled "Taking Another Path" at Big Shot Photo - and yes, you can buy it for use on your own website!

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