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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Social Photo Talk just published a free white paper entitled: An Introduction to Twitter for Photographers. An easy read, this paper is a mini lesson in how to get started using Twitter to promote your photography.

Compiled by a photographer who has written over 23,000 tweets (WOW! - that's certainly a lot of twittering), it offers a basic how-to, ideas and a few resources on using Twitter for your photography business. You can download your copy at:

Also stop by Social Photo Talk and gain more inspiration on how to utilized social media marketing to grow your client base.

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Calculate Your Income from Stock

Here's a bright idea - a handy online tool to help you calculate your earnings from each of your stock agencies. The Stock Photography Income Calculator is hosted by a German site and is available in English, French as well as German. It generates amounts for Return Per Image, Return Per Download and Downloads Per Photo - all broken down by agency.

Give it a try at: http://www.alltageinesfotoproduzenten.de/stock-photography-income-calculator/


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