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Our Blog Mug!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Like the photo I use in my banner? Now you can have your own version on a mug from the "Make Money Selling Stock Photos" blog. With the title "Take Another Path" it's a great way to express your creative direction in life whenever you have your morning cup of Joe. (Or in my case - Jasmine green tea.)

The image is based on a dream I once had where I was standing on a platform suspended in the air - and somehow I knew that I was a part of this crazy, dramatic world in my own special way.

So stop by the new online store and pick-up your very own mug. It's just $12.99 - what a bargain! Worth every penny for the daily dose of smiles you'll get whenever you use our "Take Another Path" mug.

Click here to purchase!


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