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Tip #14 - Become Inspired

Saturday, October 27, 2007

From time to time I come across a spectacular site that blows me away. If your creativity is in the crapper and you need a shot of inspiration, do a spin around cyberspace and check out what other photographers are doing.

Here's one to stir you're creative juices. LensModern is part fine-art gallery, part stock agency. Created by a group of photographers who felt their work could not be fairly represented by a standard stock agency, they pooled their talents and resources to publish an exquisite showcase of photography.

LensModern can be found at http://www.lensmodern.com/. The photographers represent several countries and the work on display is flavored with European panache. The site itself is clean and lean - gallery black and white allows the images to POP! on the screen.

Spend a little time paging through LensModern galleries and portfolios. You'll come away inspired and enriched seeing the world through other's eyes.

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