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Tip #17: Object Isolation

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Here's another cool thing to do with your photos. Photograph entire objects than drop out the background to "isolate" the subject on white. As many websites use white as their background color, isolated objects are very much in demand as they appear to float on the page, offering a clean, airy look. When an image is rectangular in format with a black border, it tends to lend a "boxy" feel to the web page. Float objects open up a web page and allow for more creativity with the design.

If you are skilled in Photoshop, isolated an object is fairly easy. I use my Wacom tablet with stylus to very closely outline the object in Photoshop. Making sure I have changed the photo "background" to a "layer", I then select the path, reverse the selection and delete the background. Presto! You have an isolated object on white.

If you don't have a Wacom, you can use your mouse to select around the object, but it's a much more difficult task. It's well worth the small amount you'll pay for this nifty little techie tool to be able to offer various versions of your images - with background and without background. My fluorescent bulb is a good example of what can be done by isolating an object.

See more of my isolated objects by visiting my Dreamstime portfolio.

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