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The Power of Twitter

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here's a true story (honest to God!) that happened to me this week involving my "day" job as a Marketing Manager for an emissions control manufacturer. It's a testiment to the true power of social networking and how it can be used to enhance your business.

"I was on Twitter researching possible companies that I could follow. Among the several that I added was one called Power Magazine which deals with power generation, and it happens to be a trade journal that we receive at work. Within about 10 minutes of adding this publication I received a direct email from the editor introducing herself, explaining that she lived in my city and asking if I would like to go to lunch! From the phone number she gave me, I knew she lived close by. We corresponded several times during the afternoon, decided to get together for lunch in August and I invited her to tour our manufacturing facility. We are both excited to meet each other as there are so few women in this field."

How exciting is this! I found an editor of a major trade magazine by accident on Twitter and we live within a few miles of each other! Unbelievable!

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