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Tip #22: Keyword Translations

Monday, December 31, 2007

Have you ever thought that people from other countries might be using your microstock agency to search for images? It's true. Someone in Spain or the UK might be searching for just the right photo to complete their website. Why not make it easier for them to search for your image by including alternative spellings and translations of your photo keywords.

You're probably thinking - DA! I was too when I came across several photo keyword lists that included the British spelling of english words. That got me thinking - why not do a little more research and include alternative variations and foreign translations of main keywords for my own microstock submissions.

Here's an example. I could use the following keywords to describe the pear photo in this posting:

- color
- flavor
- pear

Now let's add "colour" and "flavour" which are the British version of these two keywords. And also include "pera" and "poire" which are Spanish and French for pear. That expanded my keyword list of 3 to 7 keywords - and opened up a much broader audience.

Want to know where to find British word spellings and foreign translations? Here are a few links to help you out:
XPDNC - American and British Spelling Variations
WordReference.com - English translations into Spanish, French and Italian

And remember to stop by Dreamstime to start making money by uploading your own photographs!

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