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Tip #25: Have Camera Will Travel

Monday, January 14, 2008

This tip seems almost simplistic: always have your camera with you. It's true. Many unexpectant, common and interesting things cross your path every single day. If you don't have your camera handy, you miss these opportunities - and you miss a lot of great microstock photos.

Even the most basic objects can be perfect subject matter when it comes to microstock. Here's a photo of my post office box. I just happened to carry along my camera that day when I was picking up my mail and it dawned on me, what a good shot this would be.

If you're a little more aware of your everyday surroundings and keep your trusty digital close at hand, you'll be rewarded with many more photographs to upload to your stock agency. Rather than waiting for the perfect moment or only photographing when the mood strikes you - take the chance and aim your camera at the minutia of everyday life. Some of the most successful stock images are just average objects and scenes that someone took the time to capture.

Want to sell your own photos at a microstock agency? Stop by Dreamstime and sign-up.

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