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Tip #26: Get a Little Edgy with Borders

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Believe it or not, borders are a very big seller for microstock agencies. A border is an empty frame that can be used in conjunction with a photo or graphic. Usually the interior of a border is left either black or white to make it easier for the buyer to drop in an image. Designers, photographers and graphic artists who already have their own visuals, often look for a special border to complete an effect.

There are all kinds of borders that you can create for submission to your microstock agency. Some are as easy as a simple scan. Anything that has an interesting edge, can be used as a border. Here are a few ideas:

- old photographs

- a hand painted edge

- the border of a Polaroid transfer

- a unique wooden frame

- a computer generated graphic border

- an architectural frame such as a window or door

The image above is the border of an old photo from the 50's that I scanned into Photoshop. The photograph itself has been replaced with a black interior. The border is on a gray background, but you can also drop the background out so that the border is isolated on white.

Take a look around your surroundings. You probably can find at least five objects or images that can be turned into a border. Visuals like these can become your "bread and butter" submissions, being sold over and over again - and making you money.

Take a look at this unique collection of borders by seven different artists from the Dreamstime directory - click here to visit. One border has been purchased 110 times! I've got you thinking now - don't I!

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