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Tip #27: Build An Image

Monday, January 21, 2008

If you're good at Photoshop, you have great image potential at your fingertips. Rather than tossing away unusable images and grab shots, take a second look at these shots and use your creativity to go beyond the ordinary. Chances are you have the ability to bring simple photos to life in a whole new way.

Building an image out of several photos can be tricky. You really need a good understanding of how to use Photoshop "layers". One of the easiest ways to do this is to select the object in each photo, then select the inverse of the selection, delete the background, and layer one object on top of the other by placing each in it's own individual layer over a background. One of the best tools for selecting an object is the Wacom Tablet (take a look at my Amazon Widget for more info). It makes a task such as selecting and creating a path around a detailed object extremely easy. It would be virtually impossible to do this using a mouse.

The image in this post was build from six individual photos. This is the same bird! It kept circling overhead and I kept snapping away. I ended up with a half dozen single bird photos that had very little saleable potential by themselves. But after I layered the isolated birds one on top of the other and then flattened them into a jpg - I had a much more interesting photograph.
My banner image for this blog was also built from several different photographs.

To see more built images, check out my online Dreamstime portfolio - just click here!

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