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Postcards from the Edge - Showing Who You Are

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Snail mail seems so passe, but you would be surprised at the potential a well-placed postcard can have when sent to your niche market. I was reminded of this just a few days ago when I received a glossy, 4-color postcard from an artist friend announcing an upcoming exhibit and book signing for her newly published memoir.

Entitled Life on the Rocks: One Woman's Adventures in Petroglyph Preservation is exactly who this woman is. Katherine Wells lives in the middle of an amazing mountain of petroglyphs (rock art) and has devoted her time and life to protecting and preserving centuries of art carved by the Tewa Native Americans. As I once visited this site and understand the timeless beauty that can capture a person's curiosity and connection to the past, I was thrilled to receive a postcard announcing her new book. I immediately went to Amazon and pre-ordered the volume.

Katherine's postcard was sent to the right niche market. As an artist-at-heart and amateur archaeologist living in New Mexico, I was her perfect market.

Think about who could benefit from your stock photography. Web designers? Art directors? Book publishers? Consider who your perfect niche market is then introduce yourself with a beautifully printed full-color postcard that includes a link to your stock photography agency.

If you would like to know more about Katherine's book, go to: Life on the Rocks: One Woman's Adventures in Petroglyph Preservation. It will be release on May 16th. Read the Editorial Review and you will become intrigued by an artist who lives and works among ancient art and how it has influenced her life.
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