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Cheap Postcards to Advertise Your Photography

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here's a bright idea - I am a believer in old-fashioned snail mail when it comes to advertising photography. A beautifully designed postcard featuring a high-gloss image and mailed to exactly the right market, can be more effective than numerous blind emails.

The Up-Side of Postcards:
- postcards stand out in a pile of junk mail, causing the receiver to stop and consider why this image was sent to them

- postcards act like a mini-poster of your work: easy to file, prop-up on the desk of an art director or pin to an office bulletin board - always reminding the receiver that you are there

- postcards can feel like works of art (I actually have had people tell me that they framed my postcards!)

- unlike emails or Twitter posts, postcards are tangible objects, offering more substance to your microstock photography business

- in today's world of online printing, it's fast, easy and cheap to produce your own full-color, glossy postcard using a reputable company

The Down-Side of Postcards:
- unlike an email, the receiver can't just "click" a link to get to your photography

- the receiver needs to physically type in a domain name to find you

- mailing a lot of post cards can be expensive

How to Strategically Use Postcards and Save Money Printing Them:
- learn to do your own layout rather than pay someone (this allows you to use inexpensive on-line printing services - saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long-run)

- design and create your own personal style that can be replicated on each card, making your postcards easily identifiable to receivers

- purchase small quantities (500 is usually the minimum order)

- target one specific market who you are fairly sure will need your subject matter or style of photography (such as web designers in your state)

- send different postcards on a regular basis to the same people (this will build a relationship with them)

- make it easy for them to buy your microstock by including a "Step 1-2-3" on the back of the card

If you are looking for a really great bargain on postcards, UPrinting.com is running a special until June 15th. You get 15% off of all postcards by ordering online! The special is for any size, stock thickness or printing combination (printed front or printed both sides).

Using this special you can actually get 500 4-color postcards for under $50! What a bargain! But even without this special, I have used UPrinting.com for many projects and the pricing is always amazingly low.

Get started NOW with your postcard campaign and save 15%!

Click the following link for more info -Get 500 Postcards for As Low As $55 With Free 1-on-1 Help


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This is a great article! You're very right in the power of postcard marketing. Plus you give the reader the pros and cons. That's important:)

I like postcard marketing, for two reasons.... One, as you said, you build a relationship with whomever you're marketing to, and Two, they can be like mini pieces of art!

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading it:)
commented by Anonymous Cheri Amour, July 13, 2009 at 8:47 AM  

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