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Selling to Your Niche, Part 3 - Describe Your Collections

Saturday, February 16, 2008

After you have grouped your photographs into themed-related collections, it’s time to describe each group in detail. This process is much like putting together a list of keywords for an image that you plan to upload. The difference with describing a collection as opposed to describing a single photograph is that you need to take the group as a whole into consideration when choosing keywords.

Use descriptive keywords, but also include keywords with a broader interpretation that may appeal to specific types of buyers. An example of this is my collection of Southwest images. I live in New Mexico, which is known as “The Land of Enchantment” and a scenic travel destination. And so I emphasized keywords that might appeal to someone in the tourist trade.

Here are my keywords for the collection entitled "View of the Southwest":
adobe, architecture, atmosphere, beautiful, brush, building, charactor, chile, chili, desert, desolate, destination, enchantment, food, gate, home, isolated, land, landscapes, newmexico, old, peppers, plants, prairie, quaint, rugged, sage, santa, santafe, scenic, scrub, serene, sky, southwest, southwestern, stark, style, tourism, tourist, town, travel, views, visit, vistas, warm, warmth, west, western, wild

To see my “View of the Southwest” collection, visit:

After you have assembled your keywords and entered them with your collection of images (assuming you are using a microstock agency that allows you to create collections, such as Dreamstime), you are now ready to begin the next step of finding your niche market and specific buyers for your photography.

To be continued in Part 4

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